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Transforming how

you do good work


The nature of work is

rapidly changing.


Sector lines are blurring, the pipeline of young talent is seeking more purposeful work, and customers value mission while shareholders expect results. Organizations increasingly want to do well and do good, but are often unsure where or how to start. 

Radiate Works helps navigate

this new reality.


Pairing extensive experience from the public and private sectors, we bring focus to the unique qualities and assets of each client. By aligning mission, culture and innovation practice, our clients are redefining what it means to do good work. 

We imagine a world of transparency and radiance where

Everyone has a seat at the table

Good ideas come from anywhere

We all strive for shared prosperity

Collaboration across sectors is the norm

Change is met with courage and optimism

 It’s time to realize your impact potential.

Organizations are seeking to effectively solve problems and grow their impact, but require buy-in to do so. 

How will you identify and engage stakeholders with different priorities?

Our process is rooted in four distinct steps that lead to authentic discoveries and generative change.

inquire impact


discover strategy


assimilate innovation


activate transformation


We bring fresh perspectives and a collaborative process of self-study & creative design to help organizations become good stewards of the world.


We offer innovative practices to improve performance and achieve real-world impact with the goal of driving meaningful change.

Discover our customized approach that will spark new ideas and imbed innovation practices. 

Why Radiate Works

nonprofit, social sector, business, business for good

Cross-sector Experience

Our collective business, nonprofit and public sector experience brings together an unparalleled view of the challenges and opportunities that our clients face. Understanding what makes each sector tick informs our work and allows us to help clients’ connect the dots in creative and unexpected ways.

innovation consulting firm

Anchored in Innovation

We guide development of innovation practices that are agile and responsive to change. We select the right strategy for each engagement instead of a “check the box” approach. This means less effort over time for longer-lasting and wider-reaching impact.

human centered design learning

Learning Focused

Curriculum design expertise enables us to maximize learning in your organization to meet business needs. A deeper learning experience will cement positive impact work into your culture and enhance your ability to better adapt to a complex and changing world.

ESG, climate change, business for good,
social outcomes, net return

What We Do

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to realizing impact potential.

To meet the individual needs of our clients we offer three levels of engagement.

strategic scan, systems thinking

strategic scan

mission driven innovation

deep dive

culture change, organization transformation

workshops & training

Who We've Worked With

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Radiate Works is one of a kind.


Unapologetically feminine and purposefully bold, the team behind Radiate Works is well positioned to transform the way we do business in North Carolina and beyond.

Are you ready to transform how you do good work?

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